Wear protection for components and tools

For longer service lives of your machines and systems

The application and use of hard materials and carbide is necessary wherever wear occurs on tools and fixtures due to abrasion or mechanical stress.

For economic and technical reasons, such tools and devices always consist of a wear layer and a carrier material. The connection of these is done by brazing.

Depending on the material and component geometry, the complete range of Harnischmacher GmbH equipment can be used for this purpose. This means that brazing of hard metals can be carried out in a vacuum furnace, in a continuous inert gas furnace or inductively. Sintering processes can also be carried out in a vacuum, where diffusion can be varied over the process time.

Since thermal expansion is always a factor to be taken into account when joining with hard metal, maximum process reliability can be achieved by selecting suitable filler metals(layered foils, ductile filler metals) and by specific heat guidance.

We braze carbide for numerous wear protection applications

Here are some examples:

  • Scraper bars for conveyor belts
  • Granulation plates for the production of plastic pellets
  • Granulation knives
  • Milling Tools
  • Jaw crushers
  • Wear protection in the agricultural sector
  • Chisels
  • Components for construction machinery
  • Grinding and milling discs for working on wood and concrete


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