Brazing under inert gas

Cost-effective, gentle on materials and high-strength

Brazing and high-temperature brazing under inert gas is a joining process that creates a strong, material-to-material bond between different materials. In our continuous furnaces, we braze components made of steel, stainless steel and copper under a protective gas atmosphere.

The advantages of gas-shielded brazing are:

  • Cost-effective production of high quantities with reproducible quality
  • Joining or brazing of steel, stainless steel and copper or combinations thereof without the use of fluxes
  • Due to the reducing protective gas atmosphere, the surfaces are metallically bright after brazing - this eliminates the need for finishing work such as pickling
  • The brazed joint has high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Several brazed joints can be connected in one operation

Brazing under inert gas is suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Automotive industry, vehicle and engine construction, exhaust gas technology
  • Energy plant construction
  • Agricultural technology
  • Heavy and agricultural machinery
  • Heating elements and technology
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulic components
  • Heat exchangers
  • Equipment industry

Our services:

  • Brazing and high temperature brazing in our protective gas continuous mesh belt furnaces
  • Production of series and mass-produced parts with reproducible quality and smooth order processing
  • Brazing advice for material and solder selection
  • Production at our site in Fröndenberg, NRW

Do you have a specific brazing project?

If you have any questions about high temperature brazing or the realisation for different materials and their combinations, please do not hesitate to contact us.
No matter whether it is a new brazing project or a part of an already running series, we will be pleased to advise you and are looking forward to your enquiry!

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