Vacuum brazing enables optimal solutions for the temperature control of injection moulds

By moulds we mean mould inserts and cores as they are used in modern injection moulds for plastic components today. The special feature of these moulds is an integrated, near-contour temperature control.

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How can tool and mould makers benefit from vacuum brazing?

Near-contour temperature control is an optimised form of temperature control (variothermal temperature control), which has established itself as the state of the art today through the use of vacuum brazing technology. The technical and economic advantages have been proven in various projects and published in numerous technical papers. We are there for you as a partner to implement brazing technology.

The design, construction and creation of the individual components takes place at our company site. We support you in the next production step, i.e. high-temperature brazing of the individual components to form a homogeneous tool. For this purpose, we use the advantages of our vacuum brazing technology.

Our service can be divided into three areas:

  • Brazing advice
  • Preparation of a quotation
  • Implementation and testing

Brazing advice

New degrees of freedom open up to the designer:

  • separation of the mould inserts into several levels,
  • a large number of variants in the design of the temperature control channels and bores. The shape, position and design of the temperature control channels are the main focus here.
  • Round mould inserts can be divided into levels or can also be designed as a core and sleeve.
  • Copper pins that can be used specifically to regulate temperature can be taken into account.

Already during this phase, we will be at your side to advise you. We will explain to you:

  • which brazing requirements must be taken into account.
  • which materials can be used, also regarding a combination of different materials and a combination of brazing and tempering of the tools.
  • which solders are suitable and available in which form.
  • what should be considered for the execution and preparation of the individual components. Flatness and tensions are two essential points here, for example.

Preparation of a quotation

When preparing the quotation, we will take into account all points that have been discussed and those of the technical inspection that has been carried out. All relevant details will be clarified. We will determine the most economical approach for you and tell you the optimal batch size without neglecting technical aspects.

In our offer you will find a detailed description of our services as well as the associated costs. There is no room for surprises. You can rely on the prices quoted and, if necessary, take them into account in your overall calculation.

In some projects things are particularly urgent - here too, we will act flexibly in your interests!

Implementation and testing

As a result of the design, the individual components will be manufactured and sent to us. After the arrival of your order and your delivery, we will send you a confirmation of order and then schedule your order accordingly.

During preparation for brazing, all components will be checked once again and then joined and brazed according to the drawing. This "manufacturing work", with all its extensive individual steps, will be carried out and documented by our experienced employees with the utmost care.

Brazing takes place in one of our six vacuum furnaces. All furnaces have a PLC control system and thus ensure reproducible and monitorable brazing processes.
The result is high-strength and tight brazed joints that are comparable to the mechanical properties of the base materials.

After brazing, all agreed tests and follow-up operations will be carried out. As a result, you will receive perfectly brazed and, if necessary, quenched and tempered tools from us, which will arrive well packaged and on schedule as agreed.

We hope we have sparked your interest! We are looking forward to talking to you. Simply give us a call without obligation. We are eager to listen to your ideas and will evaluate them together and check the implementation.