Brazing and high temperature brazing in the vacuum furnace

High-strength connections for complex components and products with high requirements

Brazing and high-temperature brazing in a vacuum furnace is a joining process used to produce a strong, material-to-material bond. Vacuum brazing offers the user a wide range of possibilities: Complicated geometries or several joints can be joined at the same time. The modular design of components leads to simplified manufacturing processes and cost savings.

Brazing makes it possible to combine different materials with their specific properties in one component. We braze different materials in our vacuum furnaces, e.g. steel, stainless steel, copper, carbide and ceramics. The produced material joints are mechanically highly resilient, tight and free of any residues, i.e. fluxes or oxides.

The advantages of vacuum brazing are:

  • Combination of different materials possible
  • Wide range of applicable brazing filler metals
  • No use of flux necessary
  • Brazing of large-volume, heavy and flat components possible
  • Component surfaces are oxide-free after brazing
  • Brazing and hardening can be carried out in one process with the appropriate choice of material
  • The product quality is optimally reproducible
  • The brazed joint has high strength and corrosion resistance
  • Achieving high dimensional accuracy through program-controlled temperature progression
  • Vacuum hardening (incl. annealing) is feasible for suitable materials

Brazing in a vacuum furnace is suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Mould and tool making
  • Vacuum technology
  • Measurement technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulic components
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heating elements
  • Steel / carbide joints
  • Ceramic joints
  • Special applications from research and development

Our services:

  • Brazing and high-temperature brazing in vacuum at our site in Fröndenberg/North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Advice on the selection of materials and solder
  • Prototype, small series and large series production to your satisfaction
  • Support of customer projects through technical brazing advice

Do you have a specific project?

No matter whether it is a new brazing project or a part of an already running series, we are looking forward to your enquiry!

Phone: +49 2373 9772-30

Übersicht Vakuumöfen

Ofentyp Nutzraum
Hochvakuum-Schachtofen Ø 500 mm x 700 mm (T)
Hochvakuum-Haubenofen Ø 650 mm x 1200 mm (H)
Feinvakuum-Kammerofen 700 mm (B) x 1400 mm (T) x 650 mm (H)
Feinvakuum-Kammerofen 700 mm (B) x 1900 mm (T) x 840 mm (H)
Hochvakuum-Kammerofen (Ganzmetallausführung) 500 mm (B) x 800 mm (T) x 500 mm (H)
Hochvakuum-Kammerofen 900 mm (B) x 2000 mm (T) x 900 mm (H)